Advance Registrations. 12th Annual Pike Scholastic Chess Tournament (117 players) - 10/28/2016 10:19 PM

NameSectionRtngIDUSCF exp.Byes rdsTeam
Chen, YeweiU1 - First Grade and Under559158573403/31/2017CS
Liu, HenryU1 - First Grade and Under39215865067*7/31/2015CS
Radefeld, BenjaminU1 - First Grade and Under380158293043/31/2018IS
Bhatia, Aditya RajU1 - First Grade and Under13816040437*12/31/2015SS
Lee, SebastianU1 - First Grade and Underunr16134798WES
Mehringer, SpencerU1 - First Grade and Underunr16140765HDE
Walker, AdonisU1 - First Grade and Underunr16094874FCPA
Plankis, DeanU1 - First Grade and UnderunrIS
Blackmon, LaurynU1 - First Grade and Underunr16094880ECES
Zhao, AlexanderU1 - First Grade and Underunr16127435CWE
Wells, ArthurU1 - First Grade and Underunr16107468ECES
Collins, GabriellaU1 - First Grade and UnderunrCS
Johnson, JessicaU1 - First Grade and Underunr16134783EES
Collins, IsabellaU1 - First Grade and UnderunrCS
Poduval, AdityaU3 - Third Grade and Under77916040511*12/31/2015SRE
Hamstra, ZacharyU3 - Third Grade and Under72415250355*7/31/2013SA
Eble, Lance NelsonU3 - Third Grade and Under64815787280*9/30/2016ORC
Urs, SameerU3 - Third Grade and Under608158573283/31/2017CS
Lass, GavinU3 - Third Grade and Under57515552601*11/30/2015CS
Murray, BenjaminU3 - Third Grade and Under52715541904*7/31/2014SS
Chen, JeffreyU3 - Third Grade and Under48415902305*8/31/2015DBES
Collins, NicholasU3 - Third Grade and Under40315552596*11/30/2015CS
Saravanan, ShakthiU3 - Third Grade and Under380160312624/30/2017CWE
Raman, RoshanU3 - Third Grade and Under32515857423*7/31/2015CS
Saranath, NithinU3 - Third Grade and Under300160312834/30/2017CWE
D'Alessandro, ElliU3 - Third Grade and Under29715962793*10/31/2015SA
Hyatt, OscarU3 - Third Grade and Under27915797265*9/30/2016SA
Apuri, VivekU3 - Third Grade and Under27415857334*7/31/2015CS
Jayarapu, AsiniU3 - Third Grade and Under270153002074/30/2017TMES
Alessandrini, AdamU3 - Third Grade and Under2071554196711/30/2016EES
Evans, LandonU3 - Third Grade and Under17815489131*9/30/2016FCPA
Periassamy, LokeshU3 - Third Grade and Under1501525641711/30/2017EESB
Weigelt, Isaac AleU3 - Third Grade and Under1111583701610/31/2016CS
Grilley, RyaU3 - Third Grade and Under10515783642*9/30/2016FCPA
Blue, CameronU3 - Third Grade and Underunr16094791ECES
Kim, AndrewU3 - Third Grade and Underunr16142364SRE
Walker, TerryU3 - Third Grade and Underunr159929653/31/2017FCPA
Chamberlain, LiamU3 - Third Grade and Underunr16095176FCPA
Harrott, TameneU3 - Third Grade and Underunr16148034SA
Lim, TimothyU3 - Third Grade and Underunr16139198CWE
Guelce, YvesU6 - Sixth Grade and Under95315214290*9/30/2016BE
Konnur, SunayU6 - Sixth Grade and Under945160839577/31/2017ZWMS
Mundrigi, AbhinayU6 - Sixth Grade and Under9451557515011/30/2018CMS
Huang, KevinU6 - Sixth Grade and Under920146437831/31/2017MBA
Rambhia, NaitikU6 - Sixth Grade and Under908148696244/30/2017ZWMS
Shah, RohanU6 - Sixth Grade and Under90715148342*9/30/2016SS
Finkel, BenU6 - Sixth Grade and Under890147360982/28/2018CS
Pilat, RyanU6 - Sixth Grade and Under8741488783510/31/2016MBA
Surendran, MakaioU6 - Sixth Grade and Under822152754381/31/2017CS
Page, AlastairU6 - Sixth Grade and Under810154089032/28/2017SA
Sun, EdwardU6 - Sixth Grade and Under794150048522/28/2018CS
Kodali, NehaU6 - Sixth Grade and Under788152513373/31/2018PT
Nyce, JosiahU6 - Sixth Grade and Under756153998047/31/2017PVE
Lee, AndreU6 - Sixth Grade and Under74815817150*6/30/2015WES
Johnson, MagnusU6 - Sixth Grade and Under73315275533*11/30/2015CS
Anand, RishabU6 - Sixth Grade and Under732150669262/28/2018SRE
Holder, RidgeU6 - Sixth Grade and Under717146438033/31/2017WW
Zhang, BrightU6 - Sixth Grade and Under686159626145/31/2018CWE
Trinoskey, CalebU6 - Sixth Grade and Under669157002987/31/2018SA
Johnson, Allison CU6 - Sixth Grade and Under64015214435*9/30/2016ZWMS
Singh, AvinashU6 - Sixth Grade and Under64015251364*11/30/2015CS
Logan, Jacob MU6 - Sixth Grade and Under59815788413*9/30/2016FCI
Sowle IV, WilliamU6 - Sixth Grade and Under586146601684/30/2017NAN
Shaw, Henry GarthU6 - Sixth Grade and Under5461525135810/31/2016CS
Kuczek, ZacharyU6 - Sixth Grade and Under5441473607711/30/2016CS
Radefeld, AnnabellU6 - Sixth Grade and Under5301582929010/31/2018IS
Hargreaves, JonathU6 - Sixth Grade and Under5101522247710/31/2016ZWMS
Kitchell, MaxU6 - Sixth Grade and Under5061523399110/31/2016ZWMS
Holder, RowynU6 - Sixth Grade and Under475150396173/31/2017SGE
Wesley, ErnestU6 - Sixth Grade and Under436151595774/30/2017ECES
Reynal, Rafael TU6 - Sixth Grade and Under4311581791310/31/2016ZWMS
Reynolds, EvanU6 - Sixth Grade and Under3741554579810/31/2016ZWMS
Carlson, CampbellU6 - Sixth Grade and Under3421552589010/31/2016ZWMS
Crone, NicU6 - Sixth Grade and Under3411541203611/30/2016MBA
Bell, KioraU6 - Sixth Grade and Under32715412722*9/30/2016CS
Weigelt, James LawU6 - Sixth Grade and Under3051583700110/31/2016CS
Liu, SamU6 - Sixth Grade and Under29215857402*7/31/2015CS
Nishkaran, SahanaaU6 - Sixth Grade and Under260160015923/31/2018TMES
Stehno, EddieU6 - Sixth Grade and Under18815489167*9/30/2016ECES
Gehan, BenjaminU6 - Sixth Grade and Under1831582162210/31/2016ZWMS
Anwarzai, LillyU6 - Sixth Grade and Under15815489194*9/30/2016FCPA
Martin, MarcellusU6 - Sixth Grade and Under13515214284*9/30/2016FCPA
Satter, ReeceU6 - Sixth Grade and Under1161553970511/30/2016MBA
Kamalbabu, VishwaU6 - Sixth Grade and Under1081572169310/31/2017CWE
Rodenbeck, MichaelU6 - Sixth Grade and Underunr16151524MSE
Chegu, MilindU6 - Sixth Grade and Underunr16142102CWE
Kumar, AmilavU6 - Sixth Grade and Underunr16094847ZWMS
Haydar, NicholasU6 - Sixth Grade and Underunr16130925ZWMS
Tirkes, JohnU6 - Sixth Grade and Underunr16146682EES
Shumaker, ElijahU6 - Sixth Grade and Underunr16150667MBA
Mummaneni, SaathvikU6 - Sixth Grade and Underunr16126358CMS
RAVI, MAARANU6 - Sixth Grade and Underunr16124958ZWMS
Cooper, ColtonU6 - Sixth Grade and Underunr16110263ZWMS
Datar, Nikhil MiliU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under17171549947310/31/2017FCJH
Periassamy, MithraU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under12731467532812/31/2016EMS
Rothbaum, MeyerU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under11431484484410/31/2016PT
Povinelli, BraydonU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under1122160096873/31/2017SMS
Mirmira, AnjaliU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under1120151787617/31/2017PT
Jothirajah, PranavU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under11081424064511/30/2016CSE
Cole, ThaddeusU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under10951435224810/31/2018
Tempel, ZachU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under1020142670931/31/2017CS
Wells, LanceU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under10181442463511/30/2016CR
Ritchie, NicholasU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under1011132617036/30/2017PHS
Finn, Jonathan AveU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under9351394291210/31/2017THN
Chen, EdwardU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under9271549559510/31/2016CHS
Bhate, NeelU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under8781523624210/31/2016FJH
Jayarapu, KrishU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under850151096577/31/2017CSE
Haller, Samuel MarU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under8311440786710/31/2016CS
Nagarathinam, KaarU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under816154711379/30/2018CWE
Pilat, AndrewU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under7111464375610/31/2016MWMS
Carter, EliasU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under6121557788412/31/2016MWMS
Simoni, Luca RenatU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under488156267273/31/2018WW
Teel, Ethan ThomasU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under4521555833411/30/2017CS
Stuart, WilliamU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under3711554500710/31/2016SA
Bundy, James PatryU12 - Twelfth Grade and Underunr160947168/31/2017CS
Skillman, IzaakU12 - Twelfth Grade and Underunr16097000WW
Kumar, PranavU12 - Twelfth Grade and Underunr16094853ZMS