Advance Registrations. 13th Annual Pike Scholastic Chess Tournament (108 players) - 10/28/2017 12:15 AM

NameSectionRtngIDUSCF exp.Byes rdsTeam
Hu, WilliamU1 - First Grade and Under536161274561/31/2018SRE
Liu, HenryU1 - First Grade and Under337158650674/30/2018CS
Taylor, Zachary ReU1 - First Grade and Under304164355759/30/2018PT
Fullhart, CameronU1 - First Grade and Under2381615251210/31/2017CS
Kim, MatthewU1 - First Grade and Under170163404316/30/2018SRE
Cole, RobertU1 - First Grade and Underunr16472477CHES
Miller-Elliz, ReillyU1 - First Grade and Underunr16453958ECES
Harper, HarmonyU1 - First Grade and Underunr163538204/30/2018FCPA
Surendran, ElinaU1 - First Grade and Underunr16489916CS
Chen, YeweiU3 - Third Grade and Under917158573403/31/2018CS
Cohen, GabrielU3 - Third Grade and Under882154568475/31/2018BES
Apuri, Vivek RU3 - Third Grade and Under825158573344/30/2018CS
Lass, GavinU3 - Third Grade and Under7941555260112/31/2018CS
Hawkins, John MartU3 - Third Grade and Under732163719214/30/2018SJA
Zhao, Alexander TiU3 - Third Grade and Under7211612743512/31/2018CWE
Radefeld, BenjaminU3 - Third Grade and Under657158293043/31/2018IS
Pu, MichaelU3 - Third Grade and Under58316205213*8/31/2016CWE
Cole, TimothyU3 - Third Grade and Under546161993822/28/2019CHES
Murray, BenjaminU3 - Third Grade and Under51315541904*7/31/2014SS
Lee, SebastianU3 - Third Grade and Under49616134798*6/30/2016WOES
Kim, JoshU3 - Third Grade and Under488162914876/30/2018SRE
Taylor, SolomonU3 - Third Grade and Under427158026709/30/2018SA
Hamstra, SamuelU3 - Third Grade and Under20815789244*5/31/2015SA
Evans, LandonU3 - Third Grade and Under15115489131*9/30/2017FCPA
Klopper, GabrielU3 - Third Grade and Underunr16459545SE
Pulfer, JoelleU3 - Third Grade and Underunr16491545SA
Dix, AlahnaU3 - Third Grade and Underunr16453991FCPA
Aluko, TheodorusU3 - Third Grade and Underunr16454010ECES
Sant, Aryan RohitU3 - Third Grade and Underunr164378129/30/2019SA
Buchanan, FrankieU3 - Third Grade and Underunr16453985ECES
Chen, EdwardU6 - Sixth Grade and Under13161549559510/31/2017SRE
Lim, Timothy ChienU6 - Sixth Grade and Under11881613919810/31/2018SRE
Bhargava, Yash SU6 - Sixth Grade and Under1145161001569/30/2018CSE
Medina, Gael RU6 - Sixth Grade and Under1063156858763/31/2018UES
Rambhia, NaitikU6 - Sixth Grade and Under1034148696244/30/2019ZWMS
Guelce, YvesU6 - Sixth Grade and Under1005152142909/30/2018BE
Konnur, SunayU6 - Sixth Grade and Under953160839577/31/2018ZWMS
Surendran, MakaioU6 - Sixth Grade and Under923152754381/31/2018CS
Page, AlastairU6 - Sixth Grade and Under904154089038/31/2019SA
Kodali, NehaU6 - Sixth Grade and Under871152513373/31/2018SS
Brashear, Jacob RyU6 - Sixth Grade and Under839159628975/31/2018SRE
Liu, SamU6 - Sixth Grade and Under8381585740210/31/2019CS
Johnson, Allison CU6 - Sixth Grade and Under78215214435*9/30/2017ZWMS
Hamstra, ZacharyU6 - Sixth Grade and Under75715250355*7/31/2013SA
Singh, AvinashU6 - Sixth Grade and Under7451525136410/31/2017CS
Anand, RishabU6 - Sixth Grade and Under732150669262/28/2018CMS
Kitchell, MaxU6 - Sixth Grade and Under7071523399110/31/2017ZWMS
Kim, Andrew JohnU6 - Sixth Grade and Under696161423646/30/2018SRE
Trinoskey, CalebU6 - Sixth Grade and Under686157002987/31/2018SA
Lee, AndreU6 - Sixth Grade and Under6511581715010/31/2017WOES
Qian, AllenU6 - Sixth Grade and Under64015796324*5/31/2015CWE
Stehno, EddieU6 - Sixth Grade and Under61015489167*9/30/2017ECES
Nishkaran, SahanaaU6 - Sixth Grade and Under608160015923/31/2018TMES
Radefeld, AnnabellU6 - Sixth Grade and Under5681582929010/31/2018IS
Reynal, RafaelU6 - Sixth Grade and Under5401581791310/31/2017ZWMS
Wesley, ErnestU6 - Sixth Grade and Under536151595774/30/2018NAN
Shaw, HenryU6 - Sixth Grade and Under5181525135811/30/2017CS
Haydar, NicolasU6 - Sixth Grade and Under5151613092510/31/2017ZWMS
Slaughter, DevaughU6 - Sixth Grade and Under50615619790*1/31/2017FCPA
Hamstra, WillU6 - Sixth Grade and Under49115113214*9/30/2016SA
Reynolds, Evan ThoU6 - Sixth Grade and Under4411554579811/30/2017ZWMS
Britt, ElijahU6 - Sixth Grade and Under429163793635/31/2018SA
Kamalbabu, VishwaU6 - Sixth Grade and Under4291572169310/31/2017CSE
Jayarapu, AsiniU6 - Sixth Grade and Under375153002074/30/2019TMES
Hyatt, OscarU6 - Sixth Grade and Under3731579726510/31/2018SA
Bhosale, Rohan PraU6 - Sixth Grade and Under26316092401*8/31/2017SRE
Harrott, Tamene FU6 - Sixth Grade and Under2411614803410/31/2017SA
Anwarzai, LillyU6 - Sixth Grade and Under1971548919410/31/2017FCI
Clark, AustinU6 - Sixth Grade and Under1221622685812/31/2017MBA
Shumaker, DorothyU6 - Sixth Grade and Under1041618839711/30/2017MBA
Domeck, LincolnU6 - Sixth Grade and Underunr16453964ECES
Klopper, AdrielU6 - Sixth Grade and Underunr16459530ZWMS
McMillian, LanceU6 - Sixth Grade and Underunr16483985SA
Jones, CamyaU6 - Sixth Grade and Underunr16454046ECES
Gee, CameronU6 - Sixth Grade and Underunr16491168
Delemore, JayvynU6 - Sixth Grade and Underunr16453970ECES
Bain, IanU6 - Sixth Grade and Underunr16491174MBA
Sullivan, BenjaminU6 - Sixth Grade and Underunr16491518SP
Dawson, CarterU6 - Sixth Grade and Underunr16491180MBA
McMillian, XavierU6 - Sixth Grade and Underunr16483991SA
Sullivan, CharlesU6 - Sixth Grade and Underunr16491524SP
Vergnaud, GabrielleU6 - Sixth Grade and Underunr16487884IS
Alvarez, MarkU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under1493140514563/31/2018CS
Periassamy, MithraU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under14451467532812/31/2018BHS
Bhate, NeelU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under12101523624210/31/2017FHS
Finkel, BenU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under1122147360982/28/2018CS
Huang, KevinU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under1090146437832/28/2018MWMS
Jothirajah, PranavU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under10421424064511/30/2017CHS
Ouimette, LucasU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under1025150074751/31/2018ICA
Pashyan, StellaU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under10161557516511/30/2018CSE
Ritchie, NicholasU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under101113261703*6/30/2017PHS
Simmons, EmmanuelU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under10061613206410/31/2017JHS
Jayarapu, KrishU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under961151096577/31/2019CSE
Nagarathinam, KaarU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under889154711379/30/2019CWE
Pilat, RyanU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under8241488783511/30/2017MWMS
Bunnell, AidenU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under655151096902/28/2018MWMS
Sowle IV, WilliamU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under621146601684/30/2018NAN
Ravi, MaaranU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under5831612495810/31/2017ZWMS
Zhou, JulianU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under5211622684312/31/2017MWMS
Stuart, WilliamU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under4911554500710/31/2017SA
Ritchie, AlexanderU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under47513619137*6/30/2017PHS
Satter, ReeceU12 - Twelfth Grade and Under3971553970511/30/2017MWMS
Dewilde, Caitlyn DU12 - Twelfth Grade and Underunr164463769/30/2018JHS
Porter, DazzionU12 - Twelfth Grade and Underunr16481486JHS
Gaither, Matthew U12 - Twelfth Grade and Underunr16447887JHS
Willis, McKennaU12 - Twelfth Grade and Underunr16446643JHS
Malo, JuanU12 - Twelfth Grade and Underunr16456593WCHS
Chen, JiapeiU12 - Twelfth Grade and Underunr164411869/30/2018JHS