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Christmas 1999 - Ritchie Family

Scott & Tammy & Heather Xmas 99.jpg (11246 bytes)       P-man Xmas 99.jpg (37914 bytes)

rit_fam.jpg (60411 bytes)    Everyone Christmas 1997 (No babies Yet)

rit fam at E baptism.jpg (74752 bytes)  Elizabeth's Baptism (Babies)

ritchie PUs.jpg (36868 bytes)   PUs.jpg (28934 bytes) Jerry D. & Alice Mae Ritchie

ritchie family at Scott & Tammy Wedding.jpg (62067 bytes) Jerry D. & Alice M. with Three Children (Jerry, Paul, and Scott)

J & K Wedding.jpg (35886 bytes)    Jerry E. Ritchie (married - Katherine A. Marette)

Paul & Kathy @ Scott Wedding.jpg (34000 bytes)  Paul G. Ritchie (married - Catherine Ryan)

Scott & Tammy Wedding.jpg (38285 bytes)  Scott A. Ritchie (married - Tammy Staples)

E & Uncle P.jpg (243704 bytes) Cathy Paul Katie and Patrik.jpg (24240 bytes)  Paul, Cathy, Patrick and Katie

Scott, Tammy, Heather.jpg (24224 bytes) Scott, Tammy, and Heather

mw.jpg (29085 bytes)   Margarett (M.W.) Williams